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Firstly I love the innovative minds on this forum! I would therefore love to pick your brains about In hub motors..
Goal: build an series 3 EV as simply and cheaply as possible with a range about 50-80km (would be a summer cruiser here in the Dordogne; roofless green laning in an LR S3 EV is a dream right?)
I don't want a lot of horspower, top speed of 80km/h is perfect and although 4wd is nice, it is not mandatory especially with some nice tires.
I found this product from QS motors for E.3500 (Complete kit without battery and cables)
For 100km range i only need 17kwh battery (Thanks ESK for this information!) 2x times this one pre built with BMS etc. should suffice? (96v and 400 amp dicharge) E.5000 for 20KWH
Charger like this one: E.550
Cables, mounting brackets, misc: E.1000
Rebuild the mounting axle of the motor so it can be bolted onto the location of the axle stubs.
Motor is including brake system if I understand correctly. The mounting bracket for the calliper should be custom made.

So; arround 10K with all new parts?

  • Easy to install with the only a couple things to be custom made: The axle stub and mounting bracket for the brakes, mounting of the batteries. (althought they seem to fit perfectly under the seat?)
  • Total should be lighter than stock without engine, transfer box, exhaust, diffs, axles, etc. (arround 400kg stock I think?)
  • 0 parts that can potentially leak (Like diffs, engine, etc)
  • Reliable?
  • Cheap compared to Leaf or tesla conversions?
  • Easy to expand to 4wd, with double the range.

  • Unsprung weight is quite a bit higher.. although i doubt you will feel this on a solid axle vehicle like this?
  • Prebuilt batteries are expensive.
  • Need some very well build axle stubs that can handle the weight of the car.

Questions unaswered:
  • Weight baring capacity electric motors..
  • Durability
  • How much power do we need to have a car that can do 80km/h and have a decent acceleration? 20kw? 40kw?

Quite the story.. but am I on to something? Or are there some glaring issues I missed?
I would love to hear your input!

Greetings from France!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts