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Belktronix EV system.
The System consists of a Throttle Interface, DC Motor Controller, individual Battery Monitors, Vehicle Integrator , Isolated DC-DC Converter / Isolated Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Charger.

120V Full System Pricing includes:

(1) 120VDC, 500A DC Motor Controller
(10) Battery Monitor Boards
(10) Power Resistors
(1) 120VAC PFC 1kW Charger with Isolation
and DC/DC 700W Converter with Isolation
(1) Throttle Interface Module
(1) Vehicle Integration Module
(1) Contactor
(2) Cooling Fans
(2) Mounting Brackets
(1) Installation and Wiring Guide

All for $2000 USD

Send Mr. Belk a million emails and he'll answer all of them.
I went with a 144V system.

Belktronix is also a dealer for WarP DC Motors.
I would have added him to the full conversion kit thread, but he doesn't sell adapter plates, nor wiring, cables, and some other neccessary items.

I also bought a PakTrakr system.

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Check it out

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I'll happily vouch for EV America
Their prices are excellent which is obviously helps, but the deal-clincher for me is that they offer cheap overseas shipping on top of that.
Bob from EVA answers all of my emails within 24 hours with simple straight forward answers and you'll receive a thick folder with step-by-step conversion instructions - all included in the price.
This all helps a great deal when you're on the other side of the world on a tight budget. I don't do endorsements but in this case I highly recommend EV America.
I'll be buying all my major parts from them in the near future.

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I'm going with David Cloud in Tacoma, Washington. His number is 425-788-9293. He has over 200 good Forklift motors for EV use in his shop:eek:. He has done many successful conversions. He will do the motor to transmission coupling for $450, which includes everything. I don't think he has a web site. He's old school!

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I got my Alltrax AXE 4845 controller from them through Ebay, used $300.00 plus shipping.
Got the White Rogers contactor for the Alltrax plus precharge resistor and diode through their website for $56.00 plus shipping.
They seem to be a newer business and are expanding.
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