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Conversion project Honda eX-11 started

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Hello Everyone, - I posted this in the wrong topic before, reposted here -

As already announced on the Elmoto forum I have started converting a Honda CB1100 X-11 into electric drive. This happened after dreaming about it for years and years. (though the dream changed slightly from time to time )

The project is progressing, though slowly.

Here's some information (and pictures):

I will be looking for experiences and information here and maybe also to answer some questions later on. Enjoy your build!
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Hi Frodus, ofcourse I remember you! No I have not finished removing it yet. But everything is prepared. Chain is off, all electrical plugs and cables detached, so it is a matter of daring to do it now. ;-)
Save the wiring harness, flashers, etc. You'll rework the harness later, but save everything you have for now. Sell the engine, exhaust etc.

I sold my harness thinking I'd just replace it with my own wiring, but I ended up buying a used one back just to simplify my wiring.
Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. On the Dutch motorcycle forum somebody already warned me about the harness. (but without knowledge of ev's) I labelled and kept everything in place as much as possible, just in case. ;-)

I plan to mount 'the parts' first, test everything, and then take all out again to really clean and paint the frame. I don't really know why but it seems safer for this first build.

Because I am a (stubborn) designer I intent to also 'design' the battery pack. I mean it will not be a cube, but a little bit more interesting looking from the outside. Having said that it seems best to choose a cube shape because the batteries are not a bunch of tupperware boxes tied together with yarn... :eek:
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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