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So, I started a thread about converting a Willys, but I've changed my mind about the platform. The willys needs a lot fo work no matter what power plant to be viable on the road. Where we have a very built '84 Landcruiser that would make a much more viable candidate.

And, I've been talking to Adam, seems like a great person, moving forward with plans. We are going to use an electric hydraulic pump to power the power steering and convert the brakes from vacuum to hydroboost - so those parts are more or less kind of straight foward.

This vehicle currently has a 4l60 in it, so we'd take that out with the chevy 5.3 and replace it with manual trans - I'm assuming 3 speed. Looking for recommendations for 3 speeds to use. A toyota would kind of make sense, but the transfer case is an Atlas, so really, I could use anything that I can mate to the hyper9 and the Atlas.

Otherwise, I'm looking at going with the system Adam is recommending - only more motors than for the Willys.
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