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Convert Two Wheel Tractor - Help Appreciated

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HI, I am an organic farmer looking to convert an old Planet Junior 1.5hp diesel to an electric motor. The main use for this would be to attach some weeding implements to the back of it. The implements dont create much drag and to be used well you only need to go 3mph. I have heard that 1.5hp diesel is overkill for this usage. Please see attachments.
I am wondering what type of motor, battery pack and controller would be best to use. I am preferably looking for components that are used or cheap online. The weight of everything should be kept at 60lbs or less. I would like a three hour run time but two hours would do.
Brushless or brushed?
2 x 12v lead acid? Lithium ion?
Someone has mentioned to me that a used wheelchair motor would do the trick. Or would I need two?
Thanks for any assistance.