I’m wholeheartedly unfamiliar with E-conversions, but I own a mobile auto repair service and am intimately knowledgeable about the time and effort that most likely went into this and would like it to go somewhere it’s going to be used, otherwise it’s going as a core. This was given to me by a customer whom needed the space and now I’m in the same situation. Looks to be completely rebuilt. Torque delete, oil pump so it will run at 0RPM. Contacted a local electrical engineer that has done conversions before and this is what they said:
Looks like it’s designed to mate to a Warp9 or similar engine.
Has an oil pump to run at 0RPM
Then they sent me here. Please help me get this to a good home. I know someone wants this thing somewhere and I’ve got it. I’ve got more images also, feel free to ask.