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I am planning to convert a 1977 Firebird to electric and have a few technical questions before I start sourcing materials.

1. If use a Warp 11 HV single, what advantages in terms of power output does it have over the Warp 11 regular?

2. Say my max battery output is 240volts. And I buy one controller and have one warp HV 11. Would that perform the same as two warp 11s running on one controller sharing that 240 volts effectively running 120 volts each?

3. Can I couple two warp 11 HVs or just the regular warp 11s?

4. Also, anyone know of a good resource to find 12V batteries for EVs? Or the best dollar for voltage?

5. Anyone have any videos or car performance numbers of a Warp 11 HV or dual warp 11s in action?
Thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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