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Hi Folks;

I'm converting a dilapidated 1980 Fiat X1/9 to electric as a hobby project and I'm looking for drivetrain ideas. I have some distinct advantages and they include:

1.) I am preserving nothing but the body shell. All electrical is ripped out, with the only thing saved being the 'flip up' headlamps. No worries about trying to adapt anything.

2.) The car is being completely sandblasted and repainted, which means everything on the car is being ripped off/out, first. No worries about trying to protect the car during the conversion.

3.) I like simple. Simple is good.

Anyways, right now I have one of two plans, and I welcome comments on either of those or alternative suggestions.

A.) Using the original 5-speed transaxle, pick up a conversion plate (e.g., and install the "usual" AC motor design (e.g.,

B.) Use a complete Nissan Leaf donor motor and gearbox and go the route like that available from ThunderStruck (e.g.,

Option B looks like a super-cost-effective route, but I need dimensions to see if it will fit. Option A is the classic approach, but the costs REALLY start to add up... unless I'm missing something.

I plan on going lithium, and there are lots of places to put them (front bonnet area, behind back seat where tank and spare tire were, 'above' the motor in engine compartment, and even the trunk). If it is true that 144v will suffice for the Leaf it seems like building/buying packs at that voltage would be the easiest, but maybe I need to think higher?

Oh yeah - range and speed... If I can get 40 miles on a charge, I'll be totally happy. This will just be a commuter/around-town car. It would be nice to be zippy, but I don't need Tesla Insanity mode.

I'm still in body repair/sanding mode, so I'm not in a rush, but I'd like to start getting a plan in place.

Your thoughts?

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