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Converting a Formula SAE Car to Electric Power

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I am mechanical engineering student at the University of Washington and I thought I share my senior design project that a couple of other students and I are working on for the UW Formula SAE Team. It is to convert the 2010 built car to electric power!

The design phase has gone on for a while now and is nearly complete! Just now have we decided to write about it because it would be a real treat if we could actually build it! Here are some design specs.

System components:
- 30S 111V Lithium Polymer, 40-50AH
- HPEV AC-35 Motor/Curtis 1238-7601 Controller

Projected Performance:
- 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds w/ full aero-package.

You can find our campaign to reach our funding goal in the link provided. It includes video and information about the project.

More to come!