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Converting a Trike

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Well, it's not a bicycle, but it's close enough. Hoping for some advice.

I got this for free. It's a tricycle that someone converted to run with a chainsaw motor. I'd like to remove the chainsaw motor and replace it with an electric system. I would use it for riding around on our 10 acres so I don't need speed just lots of torque for hauling tools and firewood.

As you can see in the next picture, the rear axle is split and has the original chain sprocket on one axle. The chainsaw motor had a chain sprocket and used a bicycle chain drive.

What would you all recommend for a motor, battery, controller, etc.? Would you recommend continuing to use the chain drive with an electric motor? Any other thoughts or recommendations?

Thanks for any input.
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The simplest option, I think, would be to put in an aftermarket electric bike kit with a hub motor in the front wheel. Place the battery weight over the front wheel too.

The chainsaw motor can be removed then.

You may strike lucky and find a diff for the rear axle, but they can be quite costly. Some powered lawn mowers have suitable diffs that can be adapted to fit.
If you can find a diff then then you could get a crank drive motor kit and have rear wheel drive.
you can also read a complete guide about how to convert tricycle to electric here. thank you
Hi, I have been looking at getting a trike for my 11 year old daughter. She has cerebral palsy, and doesn't have the strength in her legs to ride a normal bike, or the balance to ride two wheels. So, my idea is to get a sturdy tricycle to solve the balance problem. To get round the leg strength, im thinking of converting to an ebike while she builds up her leg muscles. Ive been scouring the web for answers as to what kit is needed, and ended up confused. So if anyone could point me to an all in one kit that would do the job, that would be appreciated. Here's is the tricycle I am considering, with 20" wheels as I think that would be the best size for her.
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