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converting dc series to an oversized alternator

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basic plan:
1. get DC series motor, max of ~25HP or so. Obviously not gonna cut it for powering the car, it's just to produce average power for range extending.

2. replace/mod brush setup into slip-rings. The rotor will be continuous DC field, adjustable strength via sliprings to control voltage/curent output. Just like a big alternator.

3. profit! not yet. Separate the outer windings and pump them into a bridge rectifier.

4. profit!

So I'm thinking of trying this. Hopefully the commutator I can just lathe in half then split up the brushes into 2 groups. Field control will be a fairly simple chopper ckt to limit voltage and current, both to maximums and to a few inputs from the BMS and the gasser powering it (like stall prevention).

If it works then I may be tempted to convert it to brushless.

It's either this or just slap a rectifier to a BLDC and deal with purely RPM based output control. The main things on my mind about this are cost, power density, and long term magnet demagnetization.

also I found this:
If they aren't horrifically overpriced I'd be tempted to go there. I've been looking for a cute little 3-cyl diesel!
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Ok I'm dumb: why are you messing with the commutator? splitting the motor into a sepex should be sufficient to make a genset. either power the armature or field and use the other for output.
good point.. I was trying to go to sliprings but what you're saying would certainly be easier.
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