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Converting Mercedes208 to electric. Where to start?

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Hi all,
I have a Mercedes208 camper from 1978 and it is a very polluting and expensive machine to drive. It uses gasoline 1/5.6. The van is in very good condition and has almost no rust. So I am making a plan to convert it to electric. I have some experience with mechanics and do small repairs myself on the van. But this is a totally new project for me and would like to know more what is ahead and what the options are. For the really difficult parts I might hire a specialist on electric oldtimers.

So here are my questions :
1) The weight is about 2000kg and currently 85pk. What kind of electric engine is
2)For driving around 250km, how much battery power/packs are needed and how much space does this take up? Do the batteries need to be placed under/in the bottom?
3) Is this possible with charging times of <30 mins?
4) What kind of adjustments are needed on the van ?

Thank you for your time,
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Hi Wendy
Put your location on the control panel - it some things are easy at different places in the world

Your project
This a big machine - and it's going to be expensive
A first guess would be about 275 watthours/Km- so for 250Km = 68.75Kwatthours
BUT you can't use 100% - 80% is usual so you need about 86Kwatthours

That is a lot

As far as charging is concerned to charge that in 30 minutes would need over 170Kw
a normal house supply is about 20Kw

If I was doing that I would be looking for a wrecked Nissan Leaf to take the motor and controller - you need the whole car to make sure you get all of the bits
PLUS the battery packs out of two other Leafs
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Thank you for your reply. I live in the Netherlands.
Why do you suggest a Nissan Leaf engine?
Are they not too light since they come from a relatively small car?
Amd how about the way an engine fits, it needs to be connected to the wheels somehow and the brakes right?

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