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Hello everyone! I registered a while ago, but now Im ready to start to get active after reading a lot of posts here over time. I have learned a lot here, and from a few books I have got from amazon (even tho they are out of date)

So, Lets get the newb introduction out of the way:

Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication
I turbo charged 2 cars from 87 integra and my 96 240sx. I also rebuilt the motors for both cars (i rebuilt the intgera's motor a few times :eek:) Going thru the turbo install, I taught myself how to weld (i can def use some practice)

The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge)
At first i woulda said 100 miles, but now, I live and work in my city, and I already have a rav4 ev, so i dont need a lot of range...I just want a fun car that gives me less headaches than my turbo cars give me at the moment (smog, tuning, DIY stuff that dont always work as intended, etc)

What level of performance you are hoping to get
I want to surpass the performance of the my car with its turbo setup

How much money you are willing to put into your project
I guess as much money as it takes, but Im patient so, Im currently looking for deals all the time since Im in no rush

What parts you've already considered, if any.
This brings me to my first question...I just got a nissan leaf motor for cheap. I seen a few DIY AC motor controllers that some members here have built. Im very interested in one of those, but Im pretty intimidated by building the controller myself. I dont know what resources to get to help me learn the basics so some of that fear and doubt goes away. If there is an off the shelf controller I can use with the leaf motor (for at least testing and learning and "bug testing" the build) then I would like to get my hands on that.

So, any advice or resources that I can use to help me learn more about AC motor controllers...or is there an off the shelf controller that I can use with the leaf motor? (besides the one the leaf has stock, which I dont have, I only have the motor)

Any other advice you can give is welcome. Im looking forward to this new challenge, and I cant wait to learn more.
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