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regarding the mid-engine V8 Corvair i'm building for the $2000 challenge, i think i've got the radiator inlet and outlet stuff under control. using the C4 radiator and cooling fans, mounted in the nose of the car, with lower valence cut for air inlet and ducted to radiator core. will vent radiator outlet either through hood or through fenders aft of front wheel arches.

where i'm looking for help is what to do about engine compartment heat. in this case, the engine compartment is what used to be the back seat area, separated from driver by and insulated NHRA-compliant firewall and engine cover. so i'm not trying to manage passenger compartment heat, although that will be a nice benefit. what i'm trying to do is manage some airflow through the engine compartment to keep things from getting too hot in there.

it's got the old-school cowl vents in the front kick panels. i'm OK with using the passenger side one for engine compartment airflow, realizing that it is only effective when the car is moving.

probably goes without saying that I'm OK with cutting holes in the car, as long as the shape does not become a caricature of a Corvair. OK with flares, splitters, diffusers, etc, but number one desire is to keep as much OE appearance as possible.
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