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Corbin Sparrow Redux

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So I picked up a Corbin Sparrow Jelly Bean a few months back. The original Sparrow used 13 Optima 55ah Yellowtop batteries. The batteries and charger are gone on this one. Because of the history of this particular bird, I'm planning on keeping the original DCP 600 controller and DC/DC converter for now.

I've already purchased enough used 60ah Thundersky cells for this project (thanks EVFUN). With most of my previous project, I've kept the battery voltage as high as possible. With the DCP controller, I would probably limit it to 48 cells in series. The controller is rated for 48v to 156v nominal battery voltage.

I do have physical room for a few more cells than that. I also have an Elcon lifepo4 charger capable of 87.5v. If I use that charger instead of one of my Manzanita chargers, I could configure a 2p25s pack and take advantage of a couple more cells.

What are your thoughts? I really can't go wrong either way other than with the amount of time to reconfigure the pack. I will need to look into how to reprogram the e-meter or install something else but I think I'm okay with everything else.

The original Corbin could go well in excess of 70 mph but reports online say it was scary as hell at those speeds. I will be fine with 45 mph or so with this. I may drive it to and from work at times but mainly just have fun with it and possibly take it to car shows from time-to-time. I was blown away from how many people wanted to talk to me about it and stop to take pictures when I was just towing it home on a trailer. It does tend to turn heads.