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Corolla EV for sale!

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My friend and i finished building our corolla for a school project! View our project blog at:

We are also putting the car up for sale on ebay because we are going to college and it is too much to take care of. :( We hope some ev enthusiasts will purchase it and upgrade it!

8 6volt golf cart batteries
axe 36-72 volt 450amp controller
giant ge traction motor from forklift rated for 36 but good for 100 volts
1995 Corolla DX

view listing for more detail:
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It would be cool if your school could buy the vehicle, or a Junior that was interested in picking some aspect and doing an 'upgrade' as THEIR project.
I agree, though the price was too high for the school to buy it... We offered to sell it to our physics teacher, but he only had one parking space at his apartment. Passing it down might be a good idea, though!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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