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Correct rating for my main fuse 72v system, Altrax 450-amp controller

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The ANL fuse in my VW has blown. It is a Wilderness EV Kit #2 that I purchased along with the car from the original owner. I believe the fuse blew simply because one of the rivets contacted the connector on the motor controller -- not terribly well laid out I guess.

I would like to replace the fuse but the documentation is conflicting. The wiring diagram indicates a 500-amp fuse, the pictures of the kit parts indicates a 450-amp fuse, and the fuse itself is a Littelfuse 400-amp @ 48v fuse. Because the system is running at 72 volts, I do not know what the Amperage rating was actually specified for the fuse. Also, the documentation refers to a "slow blow" fuse, which sounds bad. Shouldn't it be fast acting?

Advice appreciated.
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