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Crash sensor works

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So after crossing some train tracks the other day my car died. I coasted into a parking lot and did some troubleshooting which indicated the contactor was dead along with the +12v line feeding it.

So I bypass the contactor to get to work, and then reading on here about contactor failures someone mentioned having the collision switch in line with the contactor to cut power in the event of an accident, and I think, hey, I have that! Duh!

So I go out and press the reset and contactor switches fine, not sure why it didn't work when I tried using a spare always on +12v feed. Oh well, add that to the list of quick checks!
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how is it mounted? They need to be mounted so the sensor is in a certain position. The sensor is 2 axis, so it needs to be aligned such that the up/down axis is not going to trip it. It should be such that front/back and side/side will trip it.

With mine, it's got a red rubber cover, and it needs to be pointing up.
When I bought mine at a junk yard (Off a Ford for $ 5.00 USD), the clerk advised me to mount it vertically, somewhere near the center of gravity of the car. That way, a curb, speed bump, RR tracks, etc. won't set it off.

Lane Maxwell
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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