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Crash sensor works

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So after crossing some train tracks the other day my car died. I coasted into a parking lot and did some troubleshooting which indicated the contactor was dead along with the +12v line feeding it.

So I bypass the contactor to get to work, and then reading on here about contactor failures someone mentioned having the collision switch in line with the contactor to cut power in the event of an accident, and I think, hey, I have that! Duh!

So I go out and press the reset and contactor switches fine, not sure why it didn't work when I tried using a spare always on +12v feed. Oh well, add that to the list of quick checks!
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Mine is mounted on an L bracket on the outside of the spare tire compartment (74 VW bug). I figure anywhere you can mount it to metal in the front left quadrant where it is easily accessible is good, with the idea that anything that can hurt the driver should trigger it. I don't remember if it's necessary to be vertical or not, mine nearly is.

You can just see the top of it in the attached pic.


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I think I might mount mine somewhere accessible now in case railroad tracks set it off
They're supposed to be able to drive over a curb (at what speed IDK) without tripping, I don't know if mine's overly sensitive, but they just repaved the tracks making what amounts to half a speed bump.
It's pointing up.
If it happens much I'll consider moving it, as it is currently very near the front axle. I still need to get my shocks upgraded, which should also reduce the possibility of a mistrip.

Really resetting it isn't even any hassle, it's just a matter of keeping it in mind when troubleshooting. Based on the event, it should have been the first thing I checked, but I didn't even think of it as I had installed it many months ago and forgotten about it.
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