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Hi, new here, want to share my plans and listen.

I'm former Merc tech and aircraft engineer. Now painting old Vespas for a living, nothing too stressful. I've also been doing engine swaps again on cars over the last 18 months.

When the winter kicked in I thought it was time to find something to work on in the garage in the warm. Wanted another CRX, had them years ago and raced them. Her in doors approved so I narrowed it down to three. In the end bought a low mileage CRZ for similar money with lots of factory options; that the garage was oblivious to. I never considered one before but it meant it wasn't going in the garage on the spit while I dealt with all its cancer and paint. It's like it's halfway EV already and I'm using it daily for now and keeping it clean; not much to do to it as a shell. Yet...

My plan was to convert a CRX into an FWD EV. The CRZ has changed my plan, like most i've read about with a CRZ it seems like a good idea to cut out the rear floor pan and weld in a subframe for a LEAF drivetrain and keep the IMA unit upfront for range. - Actually wondered about the smaller 1.3 insight engine. In a nutshell, retain the ICE; add electric RWD. New fuel cell, relocate battery(s).

The plan is to charge the LEAF batteries from my home solar array (with expandable storage). I also deliberately chose one without a sunroof in favour of flexi solar cells on the roof for when it's parked, sitting in the sun all day.

My commute is 40 miles a day and limited to 50mph. Average 17mph. I expect to do this 100% electrically; for free.

Once a month I have a 400mile commute, I expect to cover this, partially with the ICE.

If the ICE becomes redundant, I think i'll move the LEAF system to the front, and refit the stock parts to an aluminium rear floor.

If Tesla made a 3door hatch, i'd just buy that. In the meantime, this is my solution. It may inspire me to do the same with the Vespas too.
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