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Curtis 1204 3rd pot??

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Does anybody know description and order of pots?
Curtis manual only describes two.
My controllers have 3 removeable access screws.

thanks- Simon
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Thanks for the speedy replies!

On the subject of current limit what would be the adjustment range?

ie. Curtis 275A controller, 1/10 rated current to controller rated? etc?

Are these trimpots(270 deg.) , or multiturn?

Havent gotten out yet to see if there are actualy pots under these covers. Controllers appear to have been purchased unused, therefore would likely be at their minimum factory settings?

One of controllers has no A2 terminal , according to Curtis manual no plug braking option, using on PM motor.

Maybe all new cases are predrilled w three holes to eliminate addtitional inventory of cases?

in any case, I'll make sure there is a pot before inserting insulated tweaker to avoid any release of smoke.

Thanks- Simon
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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