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Curtis 1205M/

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Hi, HELP needed. I have lost the factory settings on my Chinese Curtis 1205/M. Before I contact the supplier and battle the Great Wall of Language Barrier can anyone assist with settings? Using the 1311 hand programmer the voltage is set to 6 ( 72v ); throttle is set to 0(0-5K). The rest of the settings are beyond my understanding, and yes, I should not play with things I don't understand. Can anyone access the 1205 manual and suggest the settings for a gradual acceleration suitable for traffic?? At the moment I have a narrow band mid travel which works but is awkward to maintain whilst driving. Power cuts in and drops out suddenly and strains the drive train, it will eventually snap something. Any help appreciated.
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So no helpers as yet. After more trial and error the van is now up to a slow golf buggy standard. Voltage and throttle are the only definite settings; so more experimentation required.
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