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I am also looking for a wiring diagram...I need info for the SR4475RA diode that connects to the A2...can't find any info...

I am replacing a 73144-g01 controller with a 1206SX-4301...the question is where does the A2 wire connect since the SX controller only has 3 terminal busses... Help appreciated

I replaced the curtis 73144-g01 with an Alltrax AXE 4834..It works great...some connectors have to be changed for spade lugs and you may have to program the controller as I had to B/C mine is an ITS system. A very good USB to RS-232 interface is TRIPP-LITE U209-000-R and it was used to program the controller on my bench .... I'm up and running ....If I can help anyone ....just post here
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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