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Hello from Sydney, Australia.

I have a few excess items left over from my conversion which I've put up for sale on eBay.

1) A Curtis 1231C-8601 controller, with FB6 footpedal. I never used this controller or pedal, since I decided to install the Zeva instead. I bought it from Swinburne Uni in Australia and they had only used it twice. Both in excellent condition.
eBay - Curtis 1231C-8601

2) A large aluminium heatsink. I was going to mate it to the Curtis above, but didn't end up doing it.
eBay - large aluminium heatsink

Contrary to what eBay will have you think, I am happy to post to anywhere, using any agreeable postage service.

Happy to answer q's here on forum, otherwise PM me.
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