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Hi! Greetings form Poland!

I installed a used curtis 1234se to Fiat Panda(2010) conversion by polish energy company "Energa".
I bought this car with a damaged inverter and repaired it 2 times but it broke again. Their inverters are faulty, motherboard is a junk...

The car has PMSM motor and 32 LiFePo4 Thundersky cells.

I have a 1313 console for programing.
sin/cos sensor is RLS RM22AC and throttle is connected.

I can't start characterization procedure for PMSM motor because of this errors:
CAN Startup fault
CAN PDO Fault Dual Slave
CAN PDO Fault Pump Slave
Throttle Signal Open/Short

I think it's because it's VCL programmed. Is it possible to remove it from firmware?

Please help!

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Custom VCL code is baked into the OS, and can't be removed without updating the entire OS. Also OS can't be updated from the handheld programmer you've got, you need the PC programming cable for that. Best course of action is for you to find a local Curtis OEM who can program a default OS for you - Curtis is very uncooperative when it comes to support of end users.
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