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Curtis 1236 controller with golden motor 10kw BLDC low rpm

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Hey guys, I have a curtis 1236 controller and a 10kW BLDC motor from golden motors. I am receiving no errors or anything on the controller or in software but my motor only spins at 309rpm when max throttle is received. The software is set up for a max rpm of 5000. any help would be appreciated, can provide software files from my latest run
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-Did you contact Curtis with your motor part number to get your set up values or did you do the "AC motor Characterization procedure?
-Throttle type?
-Number of encoder steps on motor ( its in the spec sheet)
-Number of steps the controller is set for ( "Encoder_Steps" is in the motor menu )
-Is the "MotorTemp_Sensor_Enable" turned on or off ?
-In the Monitor menu is "Motor_RPM" the same value as "Motorspeed A" and "Motorspeed B" when motor is turning? ( all three need to be the same )

-In the Monitor menu what is the maximum value for "Throttle_Command" and "Mapped_Throttle" with accelerator fully depressed?

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Thanks for the replies, the motor goes full speed now but is periodically jumping quite violently and it seems to be the encoder as shown in the image but i dont know how to fix this, i ran the motor characterisation test and it kee[s trying to set the encoder steps to 1 but it should be 100 with my encoder (US digital HB6M)


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