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Curtis 1236e-64xx Upper Voltage Limit

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Hi everyone

I am purchasing ZENN 1 EV LSV Has a Curtis 1236e-64xx Zenn is a 72 VDC if I hook up a generator as range extender by hooking up a homemade ac/dc battery charger the bulk voltage would be 1.2 X Nominal Battery Voltage so in this case 86.4 VDC is that going to cause problems or is there a +/- 20% overvoltage? From Curtis says upper limit on the 1236e-64xx says 80 v nominal from their manual.

And does anyone know if this would trigger overvoltage shutdown at 86 V if so how about the 1238e-75xx is it interchangeable with 1236e controllers it goes to 90volts nominal.

And if I set the nominal voltage to 80VDC upper limit and it dropped to 72 volts when genset off, say dropped to 64-66 VDC will it still produce torque or when will undervoltage shutdown occur?

Thanks in advance all those who know these answers.

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Hey there It should do OK for solar inverter chargers 48VDC they have usually recharge at like 57 volts or so. A 12v system in my Expedition usually around 14.4 V 14.4/12 = 1.2 Nominal Battery Voltage.

Also RMAY do you still have that citicar in your profile pic. Amazing the simplicity of 3 voltages to control your speed. No need for an over complicated controller. My modern 2009 ZENN 1 close to Citicar but 100X more complicated.

thanks for commenting.

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