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Curtis 1236SE sine/cosine error with ME1507 programming durring initial setup.

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Hello Gents,

So I am programming a fresh unused 1236SE controller from scratch. I am going through the "7- Initial Set" up section of the manual and get to step 8 and set my motor to SPM and Sine/cosine Encoder. The last sentence of the section says,

"If your application uses an SPM motor (which must use a Sin/Cos sensor), the Sin/Cos min and max voltages will be learned during the SPM Characterization Procedure (Chapter 8B) "

Since this controller has never been programmed before the min and max for sine and cosine are all 0 right now. So, I move onto steps in chapter 8B. then I get to Step 9 and I get error 36 " Sin/Cos Sensor Fault "

Its possible causes
1. Sin/Cos sensor failure. (i can see values change when I spin the shaft by hand)
2. Bad crimps or faulty wiring. (crimps are solid I will be double checking)
3. See Monitor menu » Motor: Motor RPM.(rpm 0)

Its clear conditions are
"Set: Greater than Sin_Cos_Fault_Threshold % difference from expected value between two phases seen 5 times within one second.
Clear: Cycle KSI, or VCL reset, or Entry into LOS mode if enabled, (or entry into an ACIM auto-characterization).

Where I am confused is that the manual said that sin/cos min max would be learned during the SPM Characterization Procedure.
I am a bit confused and maybe I am missing something? should i spine by hand and enter the min and max values?

Any guidance is much appreciated.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts