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If your looking to turn on the Regenerative braking and control it with a potentiometer while you're driving

Brake pot
J1-18 Pot low
J1-17 Pot wiper

You will need a switch to disable the motor throttle.
Depending on throttle type the switch will disconnect J1-16 from the throttle wiper and short it to either j1-15 or j1-18
( Short to J1-15 if it is a 5k-0 , Short to j1-18 if it is 0-5k )

You will need to set "Brake Pedal Enable" to "On" in the control interface
You will need to set "Brake Type" to "3"
You will need to set "VCL Brake Enable" to "Off"
You will need to set "Regen Current Limit" .....this one you'll have to figure out yourself , if you set it too high your rear tires will grind away and the controller will get very hot.

You will need to disable all functions associated with "holding position".

The down side to this is:

1. it disables regen via throttle mapping ( VCL ),it will no longer work automatically.
the Potentiometer will be the only method of controlling regenerative braking.

2. You will need to set the brake potentiometer to zero when enabling the drive motor.
This can be done by twisting the know or using a different set of terminals on the same switch you used to disable the throttle.

You do not want to be moving when "Switching modes"

And There's a good chance I'm forgetting a few settings in the interface
So I recommend reading this 1232_34_36_38.pdf

Whats going to take time is fine tuning the controller.

92 Posts
Thanks for your quick answer forklift guy.

Can you pleasse also help me with the interlock seting and wiring. Or should i somehow disable it? How is the ussual way to switch that. I have it now on the throttle switch and it cycles the main contactor every time i push the throttle. The motor throttle is chennic hall efect throttle with micro switch.

I also have a problem with curtis 840 display.
It works ok, but after some time 1-3 minute is there only ********. And there is no eror message on 1314 pc programing station. I have not found what is caussing this ******* mesaage or what it means.

With the regen i should to find a solution, maybe let it without pot regulation. Do you have any idea how to switch some small regen if driving on gasoline.
You would need to get WinVCL on your laptop and program the controller to recognize one of the inputs ( Like J1-10 , Switch 4 ) to change the operating mode to what you want.

Curtis only makes that software available to equipment manufacturers, we cant get it.

What you might want to consider doing is

1. Find a high amp alternator that will fit ,a local automotive audio shop can help you find one ,you currently have a 100 Amp alternator I think the 360 Amp Delco alternator can be made to fit. But I am not familiar with your car.

2. Get several DC powered chargers for Ltihium ion batteries ( Talk to the people who make solar powered home systems to locate the right chargers )

Use the alternator to charge the battery .

It would be safer ( no danger of overcharging and causing the battery to explode )

You could charge the battery while not moving.

You wont have to modify the Curtis 1238 or its programming.

You could turn the chargers on and off with a solenoid operated contactor connected to a switch.

Oh , the 840 will display ******* if your laptop is connected to the controller .
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