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Being new to this forum I am hoping that someone can help me understand why my controller is acting as it is
Fist a bit about what I am tingling with
A while ago I help a freind pick up a car he was about to break up for parts
It was a Citroen C1 Evie and I thought it was a shame to scrap it as it looked to be in good shape and only has 10K Km on the clock
It had been standing outside for at least 5 years and I was afraid the the battery pack was dead
I started by measuring the pack voltage and it was close to 70 Volts
The pack is 25 160Ah Thundersky cells
I plugged in the car and nothing happened
The BMS would not allow the charger to start up
I measured the cells voltage and they where of by approx +/- 0,2 volts
I jumped the BMS signal and the charger started up
While monitoring the cells I have charged the pack to 85 Volts
The dump resistors get hot so it seams that the BMS is trying to balance the cells
With juice on the pack I tryed to turn the key
The display started up and showed the error “pre charge”
I have measured the voltage on the kis wire and it is the same as the battery pack
If look in the Curtis 1311 monitor menu I can see that the capacitors voltage is 0,5 volts
As next step I have disabled the precharge with the 1311
Now the main contactor closes and switch off again after 0,5 second
The display now reads “motor open”
In the Curtis manual it says that the cause for this fault is a open connection in one or more of the wires going to the motor
I have dismounted the wires going to the motor and checked the continuing
There is 0,3 Ohms between all the wires
Here is where I could use some help
Any idea as to what the problem could be ?
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