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Curtis 1238SE Motor Characterization fault

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I'm visu, I have bought a Curtis 1238SE controller for the EV application, and I have been trying to integrate it with the PMSM motor and Curtis controller, I have been facing a motor characterization fault. from the monitor it's showing fault code 20, error 20 means - sin/cos sensor not found but I have connected all connections, whenever calibrate I'm getting this issue, but I could not able to solve this sir.
I'm requesting you kindly help me, sir.
Motor Name: PMSM Motor
controller: Curtis 1238SE model
Feedback: SIN/COS sensor
No of pole:10
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Hi sir...
Thanks for your support sir..
1.Have you gotten any ideas about sin/cos sensor error? still I could not able to solve this error.
2. How to select the poles in curtis1238SE controller?
Pls let me know sir..

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For troubleshooting this i would measure the output voltage on an oscilloscope while spinning the motor shaft by hand to see if sine and cosine waveforms are actually being created by the chip. The gap spacing between the chip and end of the shaft/magnet is only 1mm; if the gap is too large then the magnetic field may not be strong enought to trigger the sensor.

It may be that the characterization by the controller attempts to determine the "zero" degrees position of the shaft by the waveforms. i think this is needed for commutation to run a PM synchronous motor.

What do the manuals (operating/programming/etc) say about selecting the poles? Surely all the necessary information is contained in the manuals. Sorry i can't help with this controller.
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