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Curtis 1239e burning out precharge resistor

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I am running dual Curtis controllers HPEVS dual 35 kit. I have been driving it for a year on 144 volts and recently upped this to 158 volts this worked fine for about 6 weeks but now it looks like I've blown one controller. The master controller now burns out the pre charge resistor when I try and start the car. The slave controller works fine.
It started when I noticed the car running on only one motor. When I pulled off all the covers the following issues were found.
A hot joint on the slave contactor.
The master fuse 400amps was blown.

After fixing the hot joint on the slave side and changing out the fuse on the master side I now find the pre charge resistor heats up and burns out. The relays and contractors all test ok.
Any one out there seen this before and it's all pointing to the Curtis pre charge.
Any advice would me much appreciated.