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I've been working on making a 1958 Isetta EV for a few years now, off & on, but was struggling to wire up a Curtis 1243 24/36V controller. I thought I was close, but something went wrong ... the burnt smell.
I'm looking try again and can get a good price on a Curtis1244-5651 36/48V to replace my old controller. The wiring seems quite a bit simpler, seemingly easier to understand with a higher amp rating at 600A
I'll probably have a few questions about the 2nd control fuse and main contactor coil shown in the upper right of the diagram, but the basic wiring appears easier to begin with ...

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The original Isetta was just under 800lbs, with a 13hp motor. I have added a D & D 170 502 0001 at 8.7or 9.7kw(?) added directly to a modified existing chain case. The weight will be about the same +/-
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The heavy wiring was easy, motor and controller are clearly labeled, but its the lighter separately fused controller wiring that scares the hell out of me after I smoked the other controller :confused:

Any advise or warnings on the 1244 controller or wiring for my 'EV' setup would be appreciated.

My only other experience was rewiring the remains of a 1970 ElecTrak with a 'modern' Curtis 1204 and getting rid of all the old wiring/relays/micro switches and cards before I could begin. I had to struggle with that one about 9/10 years ago, but its still running pretty well. (below) (the motor was in the battery box and he handed me the metal seat)
The Berco SnowBlower is another modification, running on 2 separate Fortress motors from a mobility scooter
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