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Curtis Controller Current Question

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New to the EV world. Trying to understand controllers and battery size. I have an old 96v(nominal) 400amp Curtis controller. Does that mean I need to have 400 amps of battery available? Would a 30S4P using 3.2v 55ah 60280 cells work fine? It's a 2C discharge 1C charge battery. Also, does that mean I can use up to a 220 amp charger? Or do I need to stick with a 55amp - or less charger?
Thanks in advance.
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400A means peak current for the controller, regardless of the battery capacity. 55Ah with 2C continuous rating means you're limited to 110A at the battery, which is fine for that controller, it's probably rated at 170A continuous (400 is peak, like I said). You can use a charger up to 55A, not more.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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