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I'm working on a golf cart that won't run due to Code 3-4 (missing contactor)
The Curtis controller #1244-5461 is installed in a 2006 Star Classic golf cart
When the key is turned on the contactor does not click and the controller starts flashing 3-4
The contactor coil and contacts were tested and even though it tested good, it has also been replaced (and probably replaced before I got the non-working cart)
The controller was sent to be rebuilt and was returned after testing found no problems. I rechecked everything I could think of and eventually sent it back to be re-checked. It was again returned as no problem found.
I went back over everything I could think of to test and then purchased a new Curtis 1244-5461 and Programmer #1313-4331.
Of course it also has the same code 3-4, missing contactor.
To keep this from being 3 pages long, I have left out test results, wiring checks, diagrams, etc. but can supply any information that might be useful.
Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
John Blake
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