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Curtis IP65 fail

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1205M-6B403 PMC 400A DC Series Motor Controller Curtis 60V/72V 1205M-6401 6B401.
Hi, My Curtis 1205 developed a short between pack + and 12v ground. Full voltage was showing, 72v. Because of drought conditions, static electricity shocks had been occurring when exiting the vehicle before the short developed. Two weeks ago I spilled brake fluid when topping up the master cylinder. A small amount fell onto the top of the controller housing, which I immediately wiped off. Some must have remained in the cooling flutes.After the long process starting at the PB pack and then working forward, the short was found from the pack + and the controller housing. After dismantling the controller it could be seen that the brake fuid had seeped between the controller body and the insulation end plate , tracking onto the +post, only 3/4 inch distance. So my point is that the IP6 means dust exclusion and the 5 means resistance to water spray but apparently not seepage. How to prevent this? Obviously exercise more care with liquids, but I will also install a splash shield around the controller or perhaps place it in a waterproof enclosure with fan cooling.