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curtis parameters explained

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Wondering if anybody has ever written up a cheat sheet on Curtis parameters; what each of the most frequently adjusted parameters do. and what parameters to stay away from. Throttle map for example.
I am trying to set up my sidecar motorcycle's reverse to be slower and less responsive than forward.
a Curtis/HPEVS parameters for dummies if you will.
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The way I've seen that done, without parameter changes, is just to use another pair of contacts on the forward / reverse switch which are closed when going forwards.
Connect a resistor between +5v & the throttle pot teminal which would normally connect to 5V - then use the switch to short the ends of the added resistor.
If you made the resistor the same value as the max resistance of the pot, when in reverse, it would halve the speed for a given throttle position.
If you used a variable resistor, say 3x the resistance of the throttle pot, you could adjust reverse from 25% to 100%
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