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Hello Fellow DIY Electric Car Forum Members,
I write today because the future of the Antique Cushman Electric Minute Miser Vehicle, Model 730, now swings in the balance and if quick action is not taken to change the current course of destiny, the ability to re-produce a critical vehicle component will be lost forever.

What is a Cushman Electric Minute Miser, Click Here

Anyone that has attempted to restore a Cushman electric vehicle understands the frustration and difficulty of needing a replacement part only to discover that the part is no longer available for purchase. For owners and collectors of the Cushman Electric Minute Miser Model 730, one such part is the Five Position Selector Switch – a Furnas J6342 Drum Controller, a vehicle part that is currently unavailable for purchase and is critical to vehicle operations.

Due to many factors including the acquisition of the Furnas Brand first by Siemens Corp. and later by Hubbell-ICD, and as well, the Cushman ownership changes between OMC and Textron Corporation, production of the J6342 was terminated in 1990 and the machines, part die casts, part drawings & specifications required to manufacture the J6342 are now at risk of becoming obsolete and destroyed, rendering impossible the ability to reproduce the J6342 and as a consequence, positioning the Electric Minute Miser Model 730 on the road to the scrap yard. Please don’t allow this to happen

The Call To Action: Please Help Save This Line of the Cushman Product Family!

Over 75% of the machinery required to produce a new J6342 still exists within Hubbell-ICD manufacturing facilities. We need Hubbell to salvage this machinery and as well, re-create the missing 25% in order to produce a full function switch unit. Hubbell won’t do this unless they feel there is a market for this product and this is why we must take action now.

Please let you voice be heard by sending an email or US Postal Mail to the Hubbell-Industrial Controls product management and let Hubbell Corporation know that there is a viable customer base for their product. Please feel free to leverage the below text and please pass this request on to other friends and Cushman vehicle forums. Together – we will keep this branch of the Cushman family alive and well.

Please send you communication to:

John Schickling
Sr. Product Manager
4301 Cheyenne Dr.
Archdale, NC 27263
336-434-2800 X110 (Office)

[email protected]

Dear Mr. Schickling,
I write today to ask that Hubbell-ICD restart the production of the Furnas J6342, a Five Position Selector Switch - a critical vehicle component of the Cushman Electric Minute Miser, series 730. Please take all commercially available means to ensure the near and long-term preservation of J6342 product drawings and manufacturing machinery to ensure and enable future production of complete J6342 Drum Controller Units.

Thank You.
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