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2002 BMW 325i Electric
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Hi all!
I am getting to a stage where I am almost ready to take my custom EV for a ride, but I am working on wiring right now.
My question comes down to how I should be wiring everything up under the hood.
I had an idea to use the key-on power to activate a relay between the 12v accessory battery and something like a small fuse box that links to other 12v things like contactors, controller, etc. That way those are controlled by the key, but not directly connected to the 12v line from the key, since it likely can't provide many amps for these items.

Does that seem like a reasonable way to get that all linked up together safely? And if so, does anyone know a relay/fuse box that they'd recommend for a purpose like this? I only need like 5-10 items wired to it, so it doesn't have to be large by any means.

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