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Howdy folks, I'm new to diyelectric cars and am in the saving-$-and-planning-my-project stage. I'd like to put together a replica 1934-1936 pickup truck (fiberglass body) with a plug-in electric motor to use as a daily driver.

I don't have the skills or knowledge to build this myself, so I'm researching the right shops (fiberglass & chassis fabrication, EV installation) and trying to understand the overall process. I have things to learn from classic truck restoration hobbyists, kit car builders, hot rodders, and EV conversion folks, but no one can tell me quite how to go about this. Maybe you guys can...

I'd love to buy something part way there and not have to build from scratch, but the closest I found was a gas powered kit truck on a Ford Ranger donor, and I'd hate to pay full price on a running truck to then rip 1/2 of it out. And the kit manufacturer passed away this year.

If I don't go that route, I have lots of questions:
Do fiberglass bodies need aluminum reinforcement panels?
Can I use a light truck that EV kits are made to fit as a donor for chassis, transmission, drive train, etc?
What are street legal requirements and how do I get a VIN # and title a vehicle made in 3-4 different shops?

I'd love to talk to electric truck owners, especially those who've built something from the ground up.
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