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Hello everyone.

I am working on building a custom power stage for an electric vehicle meant to compete in several competitions. One of my teammates is working on the controller that will be generating the three PWM signals which I need to amplify to control 3 half bridges using high voltage MOSFETs which power the motors. Does anyone have any resources that can help me figure out what topology and components are needed for this system? I have built H-bridge motor controllers in the past but this is my first time working with a 3-phase system as well as something this high voltage. Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is the six pack module we are planning on using: Wolfspeed WolfPACK Baseplate-Less SiC Power Module | Cree | Wolfspeed
1200 V, 21 mΩ All-Silicon Carbide
Six-Pack Module

Info of the system:
600vdc provided from accumulator
4 35kw motors (due to the rules only a max of 20kw can be delivered to each motor)
carrier frequency of the PWM signal received is 8khz
(I can provide more information that is asked as well)

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The Wolfspeed page you provided has a gate driver recommendations and eval boards under the "evaluation tools & support" tab...

Why are you using such crazy high voltage devices for such small power motors? Using 1200V devices is a bad idea if you can get away with 600V devices by dropping the motor voltages...contactors, wire insulation, etc all are crazy at and above 600V
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