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Custom Race car

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Totally green to EV and have a few questions that may sound stupid, so apologies in advance

Currently building a custom RWD race track vehicle for a cusomer. The Gasoline engine is not and will not be Emmisions legal.

I want to put a FWD electric motor so the customer can drive the car to and back from the track. He needs to take a highway for 20 Minutes at 65 MPH + another 30 Miles of city type of driving. The emphasis is on range but the car needs to hit hwy speeds too. Acceleration is not that important

Ideally I would like to have a 60 mile Mile range in ALL electric mode, priority wise

Range then Power> weight > Size

What are my best options for Motor, controllers etc

What kind of batteries should I use and why ?

Budget is 15 K for the electric powertrain

Thanks In advance
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An electric car conversion, even after removing the ICE parts generally adds quite a lot of weight to most cars (so much that they generally have to upgrade springs). You might be able to go with Lithium-Ion batteries for that kind of money which would be pretty light, but you would still be adding a bunch of weight to the car which would drastically reduce your track performance. If you want to go electric i would convert a seperate SUV or truck and use that to tow the car on a car-trailer. That way you will still have decent performance when you get on the track.
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