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Custom solar electric street legal buggy!

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I have for sale a custom converted buggy. It started life as a 250cc rocketa but after hundreds of hours of love was converted into an electric buggy that can be used as a daily commuter. It has 3 lithium Chevy volt batteries that have an estimated range of over 30 miles. I've personally put over 200 miles on the buggy and enjoyed the heck out of it. The motor its got is plenty powerful with water cooling and is rated at up to 20000 watts and is being run at a bit over 10000 watts . it has swappable pinion gears to select driving experience as well as a programmable speed controller for what kind of power you want it to achieve. It has an on board 110v, 220v ac charger that quick charges the vehicle from dead to full in under a few hours on 110v and almost twice as fast on 220v or on dual charging mode. It does also have over 200 watts of solar mounted on the roof which does charge the main batteries as well so it can be a virtually 0 emission vehicle. It comes equipped with a battery management system to keep batteries charged and balanced. As well as brand new rzr seats. And awesome sound system with Bluetooth and radio and sub woofer. Headlights with over head lights. It has a horn as well as regenerative braking. The vehicle is awesome fun and is freshly built..brand new tires and rims as well. I'm unfortunately selling due to having to deal with other things meaning no time for this fun car and the cash is needed else where. I am open to all reasonable offers just bare in mind this was almost a 7000 dollar project I finished 3 months ago. It has plenty of other unlisted feature we can discuss further. Includes a tow bar built for this vehicle as well. Tops out at around 50 mph so does well in town! And again is fully street legal.

asking 4600 or what ever offer i get for a GOOD home for this labor of love :)

here is the craigslist ad i made with photos
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I am reducing the price to 4000!
I assume that this is a Roketa -
likely a GK-39 or similar - not a "rocketa".

You might get more response if you provided some solid technical information.
  • What motor?
  • What controller?
  • "3 Chevy Volt batteries" doesn't make sense, and three cells from a Volt would be useless, so there must be three modules from a Volt... but what voltage, and what is the total capacity?
  • What size and type are the tires?
  • What was done to make it "street legal"?
  • What year was it, really? (presumably not 2017)
Thank for the ideas,

the model is a GK39 base, it is a 2007 which i dont know why i left 2017 on accident there. the controller is a golden motor VEC500-48 48v running to a 10kw GM brushless watercooled motor.

The vehicle also carries 6kw of chevy volt batteries at 48v , so 3 , 2kwh modules.

the tires are a 35 inch overall on 15 inch rims,

and to make it street legal in Arizona, a horn was added. as well as proper mirrors and headlights, it does have turn signals as well.

I am so silly for neglecting these details thank so very much!!
i will drop to 3800 as saddly i need to move her within a few days life circumstances have changed !
I've sent this to a few of my friends who winter down there. Any lingering jobs that need to be done with it? Does the cooling-system handle the heat okay?

It had a few tiny issues, mainly with the chain lining up , but luckily as of today it has just been sold!

it was a lovely build, and i hope to do it again some day in a much better fashion, we shall see!!
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