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I recently got my Tesla Model S is a pic. Anyone else get their electric vehicle customized or is looking to do so?

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I am a fan of Tesla but never liked the painted on looking front grill. The one in the picture looks nice but how much does it change the frontal aerodynamics?
The tuning company (Larte Design) obviously tried to keep the kit as aerodynamic as possible, but like tuning on a gasoline car where the mileage will go down with a rear wing or larger tires, so will the mileage that you will get out of a full charge on the Tesla.
The difference in mileage depends on the speed that you like to drive, just like a standard Tesla gets worse mileage at 80mph then 60mph. At around 60mph the difference that I noticed is about 5% less distance per charge.
At higher speeds like 80 or more mph, the difference is a little more, at around 10%-15%. That is with modified rims/tires. If you keep stock tires, the difference will be less.
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