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Depends on the construction. If the joint isn't matched properly to the motor power they might very well get worn out and break, especially if you have a bad habit of giving full throttle while turning. This was a typical problem for older SAAB with the first generation turbo engines (especially since it was pretty popular to increase the turbo pressure to get more hp too) and the general advice (except to replace the joints with racing versions) were to never hit full throttle unless you were going straight.

A friend of mine used to race with old, hard trimmed SAAB 99's and he recalled that they managed to leave the start line approximately 9 times out of 10, but those 9 times they made fairly good lap times and if they'd just survived the start the joints usually survived the whole race. Those 10'th times they had to push the car off the track. :D

Oh, and those damages on the boot? The hole can be close to impossible to see. Bend the boot while you examine it, otherwise you'll never see it. The best proof there's a leak is that the grease is dirty, and by then it's usually too late anyway...
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