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CV Joint failure - how common?

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My right side CV Joint started to make clicking sound when making hard turns and generally making noise and vibration. The car has 95,000 miles, 10,000 of which are electric. Its a 2003 Mazda Protege5, I bought it used, so its possible the previous owner beat the crap out of drivetrain, although I seem to have no issues with any other components, knock on wood.

I never had CV Joint failure on any other car I owned, but all the research I have done points to failing CV Joint. From what I read they usually fail when the boot is torn and dirt gets inside, but the boot on mine seems to be in perfect condition.

I'm planning to replace the drive shaft with CV Joints, replacement part is not too expensive, I just placed the order with RockAuto.

So, the question to experienced car mechanics, is it unusual for CV Joint with intact boot to fail at 95K miles?
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My Civic EV is on it's original CV joints and axles and I have 246,849 miles on it.

Are you sure it's the CV joint and not your rotors? I thought my CV joint on the passenger's side was going but it turned out my rotors were warped. I would get a shuttering and clicking sound at about 3,000 RPM, right before the transmission shifted and the problem went away and new rotors, brake pads and drums. You could also try reseting the CV joints into your transmission and see if that does anything.
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