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I've had vehicles that needed CV joint or u-joint work every 50k miles, and others that lasted the 200k mile life of the vehicle. An overall average was probably about 100k miles. In my experience the right one needs it more often -- makes sense as right turns are tighter than left turns, so the right one gets a greater angle.

If you had a brake stuck on, that might have made enough heat to cause trouble for a CV joint (not likely, but possible).
When I bought this car, front right caliper was sticking, rotors and pads were shot on all 4, so I did a full breaks maintenance, including a new caliper on front right, so the breaks are not the issue. Clicking is very pronounced, one per revolution, during hard turn, even at very low speed, then goes away once the car goes straight for a while. I understand this is a sign of failing CV Joint.

I should have listened to an advice to change half shafts when transmission was out during EV conversion, but they looked so nice and clean I didn't see a point of changing them.

Good news is that front right drive shaft attaches to a joint shaft, coming from transmission, so changing the drive shaft on this side does not require flushing AT fluid to remove the shaft from it. This makes the job a bit easier.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!
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