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CyberSeven: Lotus inspired, Tesla powered roadster

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Hi folks, just starting out on this forum. I have previously built a Locost 7 and am building another, powered by a Tesla SDU. I hope to cover my build here and at my usual spot over at
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That should be fun to drive. :)

From the LoCostUSA thread:
My research suggests that in order to go lightweight with enough voltage to run the Tesla motor I need to avoid the Tesla batteries and go for something like LG Chem modules. Range is not a priority as I plan to try and focus on this being a quick autocross car. It will be interesting to see what I get out of a 16kwh pack...
I agree that you need lots of voltage for full power at significant speed, and that enough stock Tesla Model S/X modules for that voltage would be too bulky and heavy for the car. It looks like you plan a full set of six LG Chem modules; at 12 litres and 17 kg each that's 70 litres (2.5 cubic feet) and 100 kg (228 lb) of battery, plus structure, housing, and wiring (and probably BMS and charger). Will all of that fit under the hood in the engine space, or are you planning to stack a couple modules over the drive unit?

Of course, this sort of discussion can wait for a build thread in the appropriate section of the forum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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