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D&D Motors ES31-B brushes - When to replace?

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I am the new owner of a 1971 Super Beetle Convertible that was converted to electric by the previous owner. The previous owner used a Wilderness Electric conversion kit. The kit included a D&D Motors ES31-B DC motor. The vehicle was converted 6 years ago and has seen plenty of use.

I just removed the brushes and would like to get some opinions about whether they should be replaced or not. I suspect they are OK but would welcome any opinions. Also, any thoughts on the uneven wear between the brushes would be appreciated.

I bought this car as a project a few months ago and I love the car and I love working on it. :D

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Nice photos but can't see how long they are. The wires going into the brush called shunts or pigtails are tamped in about 1/2" from the top surface. Critical length is where the wear surface exposes the internal tamped shunt or the brush is too short for the spring to properly force it against the comm.

Check with a dealer or the manufacturer for usable dimensions.

As seen in the photos, you have varied wear. I recommend you swap the longer and shorter ones on reassembly. Now that you've disturbed the brushes by removing them, give the motor some break-in before hard driving. Treat the comm with respect. Read up on it. Carelessness can really accelerate brush wear.

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