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Hi Everyone, just a quick post to introduce myself and what I'm planning.....

I live in the UK and have a 1998 Japanese imported Daihatsu Midget Kei car / van that I am considering converting to EV for a couple of reasons.

A) Because I want to! It's a fairly unique vehicle that I want to keep on the road and I can see it falling fowl of the upcoming clean air zone in Greater Manchester where I live (although weather a conversion would qualify for an exemption is probably a discussion for another thread...)

B) We use the vehicle for our business for promotional purposes and local running around picking up stock, etc. It never does more than about 20 miles per day and has a top speed of about 50mph and weighs about 650 - 700kg with its ICE engine so seems ideal for an EV conversion.

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

I'm hoping to get maybe 30 - 40 miles range and a top speed of 40mph would be fine. I'm a commercial / industrial electrician so the wiring side of things I don't see being any issue. I'm good with mechanics, can weld to a strong but scruffy standard and generally good at making whatever needs to fit somewhere, fit there.

I have been doing a lot of reading through this site in recent weeks and have picked up loads of useful information but seem to have drawn a bit of a blank on what choice of motor and drive system to look at. The vehicle is currently mid engine (under the seats) and rear wheel drive with a 3 speed auto gearbox linked to a leaf sprung rear axle by a short propshaft. It's currently got a 660cc 30hp engine so isn't exactly fast.

My main problem seems to be deciding what kind of drivetrain to look at, all the OEM EV's seem to be front wheel drive or independent rear suspension which seems to make the prospect of coupling something like a Leaf motor to my rear axle or fitting the rear suspension set up from another vehicle difficult. What I was hoping to find was either a rear axle with a motor attached like maybe a Reva G-Wiz (maybe a bit under powered although they look like a similar sized vehicle) or something that uses a motor and gearbox with a single propshaft output that I could mount in place of my engine & gearbox and then have a custom propshaft made to link up with my existing rear axle.

My budget is in the region of £5000 for the whole conversion so it needs to be something relatively cheap and most likely using used parts. I'm hoping that will be possible as I'm not after a lot in terms of range or speed. Any info on UK available parts or suppliers that I should be looking at would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading,

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